Past Productions

2018    The Yeomen of the Guard
2017    The Gondoliers
2016    Ruddigore
2015    The Mikado
2014    Thespis (
October interim production)
2014    The Sorcerer
2013    The Gilbert & Sullivan Story (
October interim production)
2013     HMS Pinafore & The Zoo
2012     Cox & Box and A Celebration of G&S (
October interim production)
2012     Pirates of Penzance
2011     The Zoo & Trial by Jury (
October interim production)
2011     Iolanthe
2010     The Grand Duke
2009     The Yeomen of the Guard
2008     Patience
2007     The Gondoliers
2006     Ruddigore
2005     The Mikado
2004     HMS Pinafore & Trial by Jury
2003     The Pirates of Penzance
2002     Princess Ida
2001     Utopia Ltd
2000     Iolanthe
1999     The Yeomen of the Guard
1998     The Gondoliers|
1997     Ruddigore
1996     Patience
1995     The Mikado
1994     The Pirates of Penzance
1993     The Sorcerer
1992     HMS Pinafore & Trial by Jury
1991     Iolanthe
1990     The Yeomen of the Guard
1989     Princess Ida
1988     The Grand Duke
1987     The Gondoliers
1986     Ruddigore
1985     The Mikado
1984     The Pirates of Penzance
1983     The Sorcerer
1982     HMS Pinafore & Trial by Jury
1981     Iolanthe
1980     The Yeomen of the Guard
1979     The Gondoliers
1978     Princess Ida
1977     The Mikado
1976     Patience
1975     The Pirates of Penzance
1974     The Sorcerer
1973     Ruddigore
1972     The Yeomen of the Guard
1971     The Gondoliers
1970     Patience
1969     The Mikado
1968     Iolanthe
1967     The Pirates of Penzance
1966     HMS Pinafore
1965     Trial by Jury

NODA review for Pirates of Penzance March 2012:

"With a vibrant chorus and good sounding principals, this production was another sure-fire success for Savoyards.  Plus the audience really enjoyed all the hard work put into this production.  Robert Mead as The Pirate King and Janet James as Mabel led the company well.  With good support from other principals including Nick Hardy as Frederic and Sue Percy as Ruth.  Also how the audience loved the slightly camp Samuel, played by Bill Rogers.  Martin Fautley did a good job with the orchestra, not to loud, so that every word could be heard from the stage.  Costumes were colourful and the two backcloths the company used were stunning.  I particularly enjoyed the policeman’s scene.  Another hit for the society."